Industrial park TECHNOPOLIS

Industrial Park TECHNOPOLIS is located  within the city limits of Pskov, which ensures the delivery of personnel to the place of work by means of public transport.

Optimal conditions for the delivery of materials and export of finished products are provided by convenient transport access to the Federal highways connecting Pskov with St. Petersburg and Moscow, Belarus and Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Residents of the Industrial Park are provided with all necessary utilities - power supply, water supply and sanitation, gas supply. The gas supply and heating system was significantly upgraded in 2018.

For maximum accessibility, the residents of the Industrial Park can use the system of asphalt driveways and three inner branch railway lines with the Park's own locomotive.

On the territory of Technopolis, there are ready-to-rent production and office premises, open and in-doors storage areas, as well as available areas for new "tailored" development to meet the requirements and specific needs of potential residents.

TECHNOPOLIS management company offers the following additional services:

- maintenance of engineering networks;

- cleaning and waste disposal;

- cranes and special equipment;

- 24/7 security.

The largest operational residents of TECHNOPOLIS today are the concrete production plant  OOO BAUHAUS, construction machinery company OOO TsST No1, Hundai production plant YURA Corporation.

  • Address Pskov, 128 Strelkovoj Divizii St., 6
  • Territory 12,3 ha
  • GBA 50 000 m2
  • Area for new development 20 000 m2
km to St. Petersburg
km to Moscow
km to the border with the EU