Woodworking plant

The production site of the woodworking plant is located in the industrial district of Pskov. Good transport accessibility is ensured by the proximity of convenient road junctures, including the City bypass road and exit to the St. Petersburg-Kiev highway.

The land plot has access roads with asphalt pavement. All types of utilities (electricity, water supply, heating, sewerage) are provided.

There is a 420 m access railway track, a bridge crane with crane platforms and tracks 75 and 135 m long.

The complex includes:

    Carpentry shop, 6279.7 m2
    Amenity buildings, 1 874.3 and 25.8 m2
    Sawmill buildings, 893.5 and 1 225.0 m2
    Garage, 188.5 m2
    Warehouses,  209.3, 525.9 and 188.5 m2
    Gate security office, 11.5 m2
   Transformer substation,132 m2 with a land plot of 226 m2

  • Address Pskov, Evlentjeva, 6 and 8
  • Territory 44 427 m2
  • GBA 11 233 m2