Zavelichje, Rezidential area EUROPE

A major part of the overall project of complex development of the territory of The Borysovichi microdistrict, located on the border of Pskov and Pskov District along Rizhskoe highway is residential area EUROPE.

Residential buildings located on Prazhskaja, Baltijskaja and Venskaja streets embody an innovative approach of architects to the planning of residential premises: each apartment is as well thought out and functional as possible. The residential area EUROPE is constantly developing, new houses are being built in it, hardscape elements appear, modern playgrounds and outdoor fitness amenities, well-thought-out green areas, social infrastructure objects are being built.

A new school was built nearby in 2017, the construction of a kindergarten on Prazhskaja street was completed in 2019.

  • Address: Pskov District, Borisovichi Microdistrict, Venskaja, Prazhskaja, Tallinskaja, Baltijskaja Streets
  • Status: In-progress